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All ISOC public courses are available live online. Find a date, book online, and log in via Zoom on the day. You'll get the same course content, the same expert trainer and the same interactive experience as learning face to face in an ISOC training centre. 

Dates and times

Live online courses run from 10:00 to 14:00 London time for two consecutive half-days (Monday-Tuesday or Wednesday-Thursday).

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Courses and topics

ISOC live courses cover all communication skills and disciplines, from PR and corporate comms to writing and presenting.

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Communication training course
Essential Media Relations

This course covers media relations skills to how to get news covered positively. You will learn how to engage with journalists and navigate your media landscape. Topics include how to manage news dynamics, pitch stories and build media relationships.

Communication training course
Advocacy, Messaging and Positioning

This course covers how to define punchy and resonant ideas and statements. You will learn to distil ideas and craft powerful messages for persuasive communication. Topics include principles of strong messages and tailoring positioning for stakeholders.

Communication training course
Engaging with Government Officials

This course covers how to navigate the often unspoken conventions of journalism when you speak to the media. You’ll learn how to establish levels of attribution, when and why to speak on-the-record, and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Communication training course
Media Interview Training

This course covers employee communications from A to Z. You will learn to design sophisticated internal communication strategies, plans and campaigns. Topics include change management and best practice on how to communicate with employees in times of uncertainty or crisis.

Communication training course
Press Release Writing

This course covers how to write effectively when announcing news to the media. You will learn to write powerful press releases that drive mainstream media coverage and also shape reputation in digital media. Topics include all of the essentials of good press release writing, from news angles to structure, language and distribution.

Communication training course
Speech Writing

This course covers the art of creating memorable speeches. You will learn to create powerful and natural language fit for the speaker and occasion. Topics include planning, structure, flow, rhetoric, transitions and other key components.

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Media Training

Build interview skills in realistic video simulations with positive, supportive coaching. Connect with us face to face or live online from the ISOC studios.

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Always great to take a moment to review yourself on camera. I’m learning this with the understanding of what I need to work on the messages. I need to tighten going forward.


A very hands-on and practical approach to media training. I found the video recording sessions review and feedback extremely powerful.  


Great course! Insightful and hands-on.

In-house training

We work with HR and training departments to design in-house training programmes and customised courses, including eLearning courses and platforms.

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